What is Happening to AMERICA?

Very good article on things that are going on today, and telling us that if we eat locally grown, unprocessed things, we will be better off.

Aggie's Farm

Lou sticks up his pincers, like the crawdad who wandered under the carport this morning.

Have you been paying any attention? It seems that everything is being regulated or forbidden unless you kowtow to corporate entities and special interest groups. Does Organic mean anything anymore? Is Monsanto representative of sustainable farming? Do we have valid meaning for words anymore? Are only the rich allowed to succeed or have opinions? Are we all sheeple controlled by the media and big business, and a government that seems more and more to represent those special interests?

Here are some things to think of:
Mandatory vaccinations! (This has been abused in the past.)
The FDA is administered by Monsanto puppets!
They government has slowly been restricting what you can eat and how you get it. Confiscating livestock on grass fed farms (Oregon).
Destroying raw milk.
Slowly passing restrictive laws that make it impossible for…

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