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On November 13, 2015, which ironically was Friday the 13th, there was  a bad shooting orchestrated by ISIS in Paris France.  This has done a number on public opinion, church sermons, shifting winds of change.  Now I understand they are trying to decide whether or not to write a new constitution to keep the US from having the same thing happen.  Time will tell if this happens.  This is what some are saying:

Alinsky Tactics Are Being Used to Manipulate Americans into supporting Art. V Convention

Saul Alinsky allegedly said in Rules for Radicals that any revolutionary change must be preceded by a passive, affirmative, non-challenging attitude among the mass of our people. They must feel so frustrated, so defeated, so lost, so futureless in the prevailing system that they are willing to let go of the past and chance the future.

Ever since the Ford & Rockefeller Foundations, some 50 years ago, came up with the Constitution for the Newstates of America, the left has been pushing for an Art. V convention so that they can impose a new Constitution. The conservatives defeated these periodic pushes for a convention. So this time, the left changed tactics: Now they are marketing it to appeal to conservatives. They are telling conservatives a convention is THE ONLY WAY to rein in the federal government.

And they are telling conservatives that elections and nullification – THE REMEDIES OUR FRAMERS ACTUALLY ADVISED – don’t work.

So this is how they have made Americans feel that they have nothing to lose by a convention. Alinsky tactics are being used on the American People.

Several leftist Constitutions – in addition to the Newstates Constitution – are already prepared and waiting for an Art. V convention.

A new Constitution will be needed to transform the United States of America into a member state of the “North American Union”.  Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi Cruz, was on the CFR Task Force to set up this merging of Canada, the US, and Mexico. It sets up a Parliament over the 3 countries. You can read the CFR (Council for Foreign Relations) Report on setting up the North American Union HERE.

I really don’t know if any of this will transpire, but there are groups which are wanting to do this.


Then we have groups which are against this, and their thinking is as follows:

Are you supporting the push for an Article V Convention, also called a Convention of States or Constitutional Convention? If you are supporting the push to open a Convention to Change our Constitution you should read this Bloggers post on who is behind this push for a Convention and how you are being fooled into helping the liars or our times, progressives, liberals to change our Constitution. Follow the link in this article to Constitution for the Newstates of America and see the new Constitution they will use to replace our current Constitution.

You have to be aware of the fact for over 50+ years now the “LEFT” has been pushing for this convention, why, because if held they can remove your “God Given Rights” which are unalienable rights that can not be sold, given away or taken from you, and replace your God given rights with inalienable privileges that can be taken from you by man made laws that will change according to who is in power.

You need to understand “who is behind and where” the push for a convention started and how conservatives have been tricked into believing a convention is a good thing and will be beneficial to help control our Government. You need to know that there are remedies in place that our founders set up in order to keep the federal government unconstitutional laws from being recognized in the States they are elections and nullification – THE REMEDIES OUR FRAMERS ACTUALLY ADVISED – the folks pushing for a convention are convincing conservatives that these remedies do not work in order to get the needed number of States to call for a convention.

Please do not be a fool and help those who have no good intentions and are out to destroy our Constitution. Be smart and know what a treasure you have in our Constitution and never ever allow the liars of our times the ability to destroy our Constitution.
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Heidi Cruz is pushing for a North American Union and will need a new constitution in order to achieve this goal. Are you aware of this at all?
I have no idea who Heidi Cruz is, but the North American Union also will have to include Canada, and that will take another whole process, I imagine.  Let’s see what happens.

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