I now have connections with all my children on Facebook.

It has been my goal to do this for four years and I have finally done it. My oldest son is not on, but his wife is, and I have connected with her, and my daughter has not connected with me, but I am following her husband, so it is the same thing. And I have one grandchild on Facebook as well. I am encouraging all women who have had dysfunctional situations in the past that they can have connections with their children later on in life. I went to the weddings of three of my children, and they have all been married for between ten and twenty years, unlike their mom. Actually, my daughter has been married almost twenty one years.

But I am on good terms with all of them, despite having been a Jehovah’s Witness, and my daughter accusing me of going back on my promise to God, and all my first husband’s bad mouthing of me, which they probably believed, but I managed to refute, and a lot of other garbage which happened in our lives. Now we are all happy, but they have a lot to overcome yet.


About claudiabarlow

I am a writer, and a blogger, and I teach creative writing at my library. I also teach on line, and I have had international students take my class.
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