My New Flash Fiction Story.

Busy Holiday Season Leading to Death.

She thought about him today.  Why did it come at a time like this?  After all, she has all this shopping to do yet for Christmas, and she just didn’t need to be thinking about him.  Now she was getting a headache and she didn’t need that either.  Why doesn’t Chuck go and mind his own business and leave her alone?  She reached into her purse for an Advil, and popped it into her mouth.  She felt a little better.  To heck with him, I’ve got work to do.

Chuck was really displeased with his life, how she had treated him.  How everybody treated him.  Like a puppet on a string.  No Way!  Why should I?  These people aren’t worth it after all.  I’m my own boss!  He got in his car, turned the key, stomped on the gas, and took off, not even looking.  And hit a tree.

They found his body and called her on her cell phone.

They had to take her screaming to the hospital.


About claudiabarlow

I am a writer, and a blogger, and I teach creative writing at my library. I also teach on line, and I have had international students take my class.
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