Get the word out.

Here this poor kid gets killed and everybody sees him get killed, and they even run over him with a car, and nobody sees anything. It sounds like years ago when somebody would go under the hood of my car and mess it up, stealing the coil wire one time, punching a hole in the battery and so it wouldn’t hold a charge another time. You’d think all the neighbors would see something, since they all sat out on their porches and watched everything. Nobody saw a thing. I knew who it was. But he had everybody on his side, and nobody saw a thing. Same in this case; nobody saw a thing. Twenty years have gone by and nobody saw a thing. No arrest, no nothing. If you ever see anybody talk about this case, tell somebody. On the same website there is a woman who got attacked by probably the same four guys in the same town, and she disappeared and nobody has seen her. This is awful to happen. I think somebody should talk for the sake of the families who miss these people. It is really bad.


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I am a writer, and a blogger, and I teach creative writing at my library. I also teach on line, and I have had international students take my class.
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