Thoughts of the past.

When we think of times gone by, how does it make us feel?  Are our memories all happy?  Or like many of us, our memories may be bitter-sweet, or just bitter.  Take a moment to reflect on why these memories are causing us to be bitter.  Are we remembering the negative aspect of somebody hurting us?  This is the time to do something about it.

When we have something on our minds that is hurtful, we need to try to find out why.  It may be that things have come between us and others.  If we go to the Lord and forgive that person, or that group that we were in that kicked us out, or some other thing that triggers bad feelings, perhaps the next time we reflect on something, it might not bother us anymore.

In 2000, I learned about strongholds.  In a Bible class I was in, we were given a piece of paper.  We were told to write down all the people in our lives that hurt us, and I filled up both sides of a sheet of 81/2 by 11 paper.  This made me think; I had not forgiven any of these people, and my life was a shambles.  I had been in a cult, which had broken up my family, and come between me and my ex husband so that I divorced him.  So one day, I just made up my mind to forgive them all and I did just that.  I felt true freedom after doing that.

You don’t have to find each and every person in your life, because if you go back as far as I did, those people may not be in the same place.  I certainly wasn’t; I moved from Wisconsin to Arkansas, back to Wisconsin, and then to California, where I am at present.  But this is what I did.  I created a web page in which I said I forgave everybody in my life, and I sent a link to it to my children and all my cousins whom I had the email address to.  Then I sent a poem regarding forgiveness to my brother and my two exes.

My mind was totally free after that.  So this is an exercise for all of you.  Try writing down things that bother you and go from there.  It’s worth it.



About claudiabarlow

I am a writer, and a blogger, and I teach creative writing at my library. I also teach on line, and I have had international students take my class.
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One Response to Thoughts of the past.

  1. 1EarthUnited says:

    Good going! Thoughts are ephemeral, they are not you. If you release all thoughts and be empty,
    the true you is revealed. You are glorious!


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