Why Protest Planned Parenthood?

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I have been asked how a pro-life person could protest Planned Parenthood. It’s a fair question. After all, Planned Parenthood provides a lot of services. Many of these services reduce unwanted pregnancies and presumably abortions. Check out their graphic from their 2014 annual report. According to the graphic, only 3 percent of the services they provide are abortion:

planned-parenthood-3-percent-abortion-2013 (1)

First off, even if I accepted this accounting (and I don’t, as you’ll see), I don’t believe it justifies the carrying out of 327,653 abortions,more than any other provider in the nation.[1] There is no amount of good an organization can do to justify its existence while committing 327,653 abortions per year.

Second, this graphic is grossly misleading, giving a false impression that abortion is a small portion of what Planned Parenthood (PP) does. The information is misleading because it separates every ‘service’ provided even though the services provided are not…

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Four Paragraphs Into Their Annual Yearbook and the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses is Asking for Money


Never think that in this day and age there are no groups that mandate minds. This group is one that does and has done since 1874.

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The Yearbook of Jehovah’s Witnesses is an annual publication prepared by their headquarters and which contains figures regarding their organization from the previous year. These figures include how many hours of preaching work were reported by their members, how many of their publications were left with the general public, and so on. There are also experiences related by members from all over the world.

In the front of the Yearbook there is always an introductory letter from the governing body, a group of now-7 men who serve as their ultimate authority or leaders (similar to the Pope in the Catholic religion). This year their letter starts off all well and good, the first paragraph expressing appreciation for the “good work” done by their members, the second paragraph mentioning all their preaching and attempts to step up their conversion efforts.

By the third paragraph however, their message begins to dissolve. They mention the work of…

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Giving Up My “Umbrella Theology”: Why Christians Should Be Prepared to Suffer

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tsunamiJapanEvery Christian should be equipped with a theology of suffering. They should be prepared for the day when the unthinkable  happens to THEM.

Let’s face it. Life can be pretty awful. We live in a world surrounded by violence, illness, political uncertainty, war, revenge, and rage (I don’t live in LA, but I drive the LA streets and highways frequently, where I’ve seen the realities of “road rage” that kills people).

One day you sill lose your job. Someone will betray you. Your beloved family member will face devastating illness. And unfortunately, in those moments, many of us begin to doubt the goodness of God.

We didn’t doubt him or get angry when our neighbor got cancer. We didn’t doubt him when we read devastating news about a disaster in a developing nation. But the moment suffering hits US where it hurts, we can begin to question our faith.


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The changes we go through in life.

<p>I just have no clue when the last time was when I posted  on this site.  My life has gone up and down, up and down.  It has not stopped for  a minute.  Up and down up and down.  My goodness; I  never thought the life of a senior could take so many turns.  And it all has to do with the physical.  

<p>I get my diet under control, and my stomach goes whacko, and they do a cat scan and find diverticulitis and hernias, and first I have to do low fiber and then high fiber, and then my knees start acting up again, and I tell my ortho doctor that I don’t want any shots, I want the surgery.  So he says he doesn’t do full joint replacements, which is what he says I need, and gives me to a full joint specialist, who says I don’t need surgery, I need shots and a brace.  So I just finished another series of shots–the second in less than a year–and am still waiting for the brace.

<p>Meanwhile, they are messing around with my husband’s medical insurance and care.  They want him to change his insurance plan; he doesn’t want to, but they say he has to.  But if he does, he has to change doctors, and he doesn’t want to do that, because he just had two eye surgeries, and it would be bad for him to change.

<p>This is what we have been going through.  Then my brother calls me from Wisconsin, asking me about my granddaughter’s graduating high school, and I called my son, and I just told him to be very careful, because there is a bad family history, and just to be careful.  This on Father’s Day, 2014.

<p>Other than that, everything’s cool.  How’s your day going?

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Ralph Underwager and the Cleveland child abuse inquiry


This is something that was just sent to me, and it makes me sick that the perverse habit of pedophilia has become such a heavily defended crime, and a crime is what it is. People who do this are uncaring people who only want self gratification to the exclusion of all else.

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Most people’s memory of the Cleveland child abuse scandal in 1987 would be of a nationionwide media storm involving ‘falsely accused’ parents whose children had been taken away by over-zealous social workers who had misdiagnosed child sexual abuse.

But the truth was much darker. The majority of the children had been sexually abused and many were subsequently made to return to the homes they were abused in. The Department of Health “actively withheld and concealed” evidence from an independent panel which showed that 93 of the 121 Cleveland children had been found by the courts to be at risk of abuse. In 1989, the Department of Health destroyed all records relating to the children. Within two years of the original controversy, many of the children had been re-referred to social services.

Frank Cook, Labour MP for Stockton on Tees, said: “I’m astonished and dumbfounded. Had we known what I have…

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Do you know anyone who needs help?

Many times we find ourselves with nothing to do. It is at those times that we should be thinking of others. Maybe we need to just look around at our surroundings to see if there is someone whom we can help. If we have accomplished everything we can for ourselves, there is always someone who has not done everything that can do for themselves. Perhaps they need a little push, like a ride to the pharmacy, or someone to go to the store for them. Perhaps they need their lawn mowed, or their bushes trimmed. If we think of others, we can always find something to do which will make them feel better, or if they don’t appreciate it, it will at least have made us feel happy that we have done something to take our mind off ourselves.

So go out of your way to help your neighbor today. You will have made an inroad into your life.

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I have found a video which inspired me.

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