The changes we go through in life.

<p>I just have no clue when the last time was when I posted  on this site.  My life has gone up and down, up and down.  It has not stopped for  a minute.  Up and down up and down.  My goodness; I  never thought the life of a senior could take so many turns.  And it all has to do with the physical.  

<p>I get my diet under control, and my stomach goes whacko, and they do a cat scan and find diverticulitis and hernias, and first I have to do low fiber and then high fiber, and then my knees start acting up again, and I tell my ortho doctor that I don’t want any shots, I want the surgery.  So he says he doesn’t do full joint replacements, which is what he says I need, and gives me to a full joint specialist, who says I don’t need surgery, I need shots and a brace.  So I just finished another series of shots–the second in less than a year–and am still waiting for the brace.

<p>Meanwhile, they are messing around with my husband’s medical insurance and care.  They want him to change his insurance plan; he doesn’t want to, but they say he has to.  But if he does, he has to change doctors, and he doesn’t want to do that, because he just had two eye surgeries, and it would be bad for him to change.

<p>This is what we have been going through.  Then my brother calls me from Wisconsin, asking me about my granddaughter’s graduating high school, and I called my son, and I just told him to be very careful, because there is a bad family history, and just to be careful.  This on Father’s Day, 2014.

<p>Other than that, everything’s cool.  How’s your day going?

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Ralph Underwager and the Cleveland child abuse inquiry


This is something that was just sent to me, and it makes me sick that the perverse habit of pedophilia has become such a heavily defended crime, and a crime is what it is. People who do this are uncaring people who only want self gratification to the exclusion of all else.

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Most people’s memory of the Cleveland child abuse scandal in 1987 would be of a nationionwide media storm involving ‘falsely accused’ parents whose children had been taken away by over-zealous social workers who had misdiagnosed child sexual abuse.

But the truth was much darker. The majority of the children had been sexually abused and many were subsequently made to return to the homes they were abused in. The Department of Health “actively withheld and concealed” evidence from an independent panel which showed that 93 of the 121 Cleveland children had been found by the courts to be at risk of abuse. In 1989, the Department of Health destroyed all records relating to the children. Within two years of the original controversy, many of the children had been re-referred to social services.

Frank Cook, Labour MP for Stockton on Tees, said: “I’m astonished and dumbfounded. Had we known what I have…

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Do you know anyone who needs help?

Many times we find ourselves with nothing to do. It is at those times that we should be thinking of others. Maybe we need to just look around at our surroundings to see if there is someone whom we can help. If we have accomplished everything we can for ourselves, there is always someone who has not done everything that can do for themselves. Perhaps they need a little push, like a ride to the pharmacy, or someone to go to the store for them. Perhaps they need their lawn mowed, or their bushes trimmed. If we think of others, we can always find something to do which will make them feel better, or if they don’t appreciate it, it will at least have made us feel happy that we have done something to take our mind off ourselves.

So go out of your way to help your neighbor today. You will have made an inroad into your life.

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I have found a video which inspired me.

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Have you ever been really down and out?

If you have ever had people refuse to acknowledge you as a person, as a viable individual, refuse to help you when you needed help, try to tell you that everything is your fault, then you know what it is to be down and out. I can remember five years ago when my foot was broken, when my brother in law was robbing my house, when my husband left me and divorced me, and I couldn’t even fight it because I couldn’t even get a doctor’s appointment to get a cast on my foot, so I could not go anywhere except sit in the house and pity myself. People were telling me that because he was divorcing me that he could do anything he wanted, including date my best friends. I had no income because I could not work, my soon to be ex said that he brother had told him not to give me any cash, but he took me to McDonald’s and I ate off the dollar menu, while he took his girlfriends, who were my friends also, to Sizzler. He also supplied one of them with pills out of his shrink med collection.
That was my year of 2008.
Since then, I have learned to trust in God as my helper, because humans are fallible. Proverbs 5:3-7 states, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.” When we look critically at this passage, we see that we are to trust Him with not just part of our heart, and the other part is who knows where. We are not to lean on our own understanding, because we cannot understand what God is doing in our lives; if we trust Him to take care of a situation, He will do that, and it may take longer that we expect it to take, because our time is not His time. We are to acknowledge Him in all our ways, not just some of our ways and the rest of them we do not acknowledge Him. How two faced is that? And finally it says that if we do all these things, He will direct our paths, in other words, He will show us the way to go.
Let me tell you a little story about myself. This was in 2011. I took a care-giving job, moving in with a woman who was on 18 prescriptions. I prayed with her 25 times a day. I also prayed for her privately, that she would get her meds straightened out. She was a psychological basket case. She also had a lot of friends who would come over and I was really uncomfortable about them, because some of them were not Christians, but of some other spiritual origin. She has all kinds of dolls and symbolic things in her house which also made me uncomfortable. Then she began going to a doctor who changed one of her meds to something else. Her whole personality changed and she fired me. I had to move. So I moved in with a woman I thought was a Christian. I was there for two months, during which she had many problems including a surgery and then one two days later. One morning, she woke up and she had been bleeding from her second surgery, and suddenly she was in so much pain that she was screaming for me to dial 911, which I did. She gave her car key to a woman we both knew and the paramedics took her to the hospital. When she came home from the hospital, she demanded me to tell her where her car key was, and I did not know. I went to church that night and the pastor’s wife gave me her car key; I don’t even know how she had gotten it. But when I brought it to my room mate, she said it had cost 160 dollars, and she was glad she had it. Then all of a sudden she started staying out till all hours with men friends, and then she kicked me out, giving me a week to find another place to go. I did find a place by God’s grace, and left September 1, 2011. I was then near the guy who helped me move, but he turned out to be no good either. No one would pick me up to take me to the ministry where I volunteered, because now I lived too far out of their way. Then a gal moved in who had a drug and alcohol problem, and she also had spells where she growled and cussed at me. In December, my best friend of all asked me to marry him. After much prayer, I said yes, and I moved out of there, and into another friend’s house closer to him and moved all my stuff into his garage. February 27, we were married, and I moved in with him.
This is how God does things. So put your trust always in God; He knows what He is doing.

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It was nearing the end of July, 1962. I had moved to CA with Mom and Phil, and I could see it wasn’t going to work, We had moved into the house on Francis Street in Corona on July 5th, and Mom, Phil, and I were fighting tooth and nail about everything… I was 19, and engaged to Richard. He called me one night and told me he was sending me money to come back. I was not sure about it, because all I knew about him was that God was not talking to me about him. I hew by the way everybody felt, that I needed to break it off with Jim M., and that he certainly would marry Judy LaPorte, but God was not saying anything about Richard. The money came, and they had thrown it in the trash. When I found it, I was not happy, so I went back without further thought.
I left on July 18, one day prior to Mom’s 50th birthday. She took me to the bus in San Bernardino, and showed no emotion whatsoever.
So off I went, and when I got there, Richard met me, and it was a whirlwind. I stayed at his place, and he stayed on Grange Avenue with his mom’s tenant. His mom was nice and we got along well. When we were planning the wedding, Grandma Z. told me that I could live with her, and not have to get married. I kicked myself for many years for not taking her up.
I got a phone call inviting me to dinner at Uncle Clem and Aunt Leone on 52nd street; they wanted to talk to me. They wanted me to go by myself, but by then I was so lost that I asked them if I could bring Richard. Aunt Leone seemed really distressed by my question, but finally she said it was okay to bring him along. I figured he had to go to class anyway, so he only stayed for dinner.
When we were washing the dishes, Aunt Leone told me that Mom had experienced a nervous breakdown when I was born. I knew that there was some kind of barrier between us, so that we couldn’t communicate, but this news made me shocked and sad. Later on, Uncle Clem started telling me that it would not be a good idea for me to marry Richard, for that was not the way we did things in our circles. I was not prepared to hear such a snobbish remark from a family member, and it did not sit well with me. My shame at perhaps hurting my dad was greater than the anger though, and as the evening wore on it got worse. By the time Richard got back, I was very depressed, and all I wanted to do was go home. In the car, I started crying and was unable to stop. I had not prayed in a long time, and was feeling guilty about everything Back home, I laid down on the bed and cried my eyes out and suddenly, God’s forgiving love came down on me and I knew everything was okay with Him. I was forgiven for all that mess in my past and I was a new creation.
From then on, I was under God’s protection and also my kids were under God’s protection as well. No real evil befell any of us, even though Richard tried to cause it to happen. As long as he was alive, there was a rift existing between myself and the three offspring I bore to him, but after he died, that was no more. He also wanted the child that was not his, but that didn’t happen either. Praise the Lord.
Once when a guy had a sawed off shotgun pointed at me, he never pulled the trigger, and another time, my fourth child was hit by a car and there were no fractures or nothing out of place. The Angles were all around us. My major surgeries turned fine, even though I was a Jehovah’s Witness, and was not supposed to take blood transfusions. Scott’s and my relationship was rocky for a while, but we were always friends, and still are. My two oldest children both had cancer at one time, but have been in remission ten years, and my middle son had a porn addiction which God helped him lick and now he is a Promise Keeper. Actually, we all serve the Lord in some way, and there are no more cults, no more evil.

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I now have connections with all my children on Facebook.

It has been my goal to do this for four years and I have finally done it. My oldest son is not on, but his wife is, and I have connected with her, and my daughter has not connected with me, but I am following her husband, so it is the same thing. And I have one grandchild on Facebook as well. I am encouraging all women who have had dysfunctional situations in the past that they can have connections with their children later on in life. I went to the weddings of three of my children, and they have all been married for between ten and twenty years, unlike their mom. Actually, my daughter has been married almost twenty one years.

But I am on good terms with all of them, despite having been a Jehovah’s Witness, and my daughter accusing me of going back on my promise to God, and all my first husband’s bad mouthing of me, which they probably believed, but I managed to refute, and a lot of other garbage which happened in our lives. Now we are all happy, but they have a lot to overcome yet.

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